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Mrs. Josephine Hamilton

Mrs. Jo opened The Hope Center to build on the wisdom and knowledge she learned through Joe McQ and Recovery Dynamics and to grow into a Louisiana Premiere Treatment Program.

Embraced by Mrs. Jo Hamilton for The Hope Center:

The Butterfly Story

Whenever we see this a fuzzy caterpillar, it is hard to believe that someday this ugly, crawling creature will one day Soar on Wings as bright as any flower. Before this change comes about, the fuzzy little worm withdraws from its caterpillar world, finds itself a place alone, and painfully, with much struggling, wraps itself tightly into a cocoon of its own making; it seals itself off from the world. Time passes and gradually a crevice appears in the hard outer layer and finally a new creature emerges---quite a different little creature too. 

It begins to flutter its wings and becomes familiar with its new surroundings going from flower to flower gathering up strength from each and at the same time leaving pollen it has gathered up from every flower it has visited…thus enabling the flower to make seeds and be born again. 

Addicts have much in common with the Butterfly. Time was when we were an unlovely creature, too. Then we find a program of recovery, others with the same disease. We share with each other and gather strength and hope…and soon come out of our “Cage” into the light.  

We go through our growing pains and emerge---very different creatures, too.  

Then we carry to others what we have found and as we go to others, we are strengthened by them, and in turn, we leave with each one some of what all the others have given us. 

The Butterfly is a Spiritual Symbol. It represents transformation, beauty, fragility and has been… Described as “The Kiss of God”.

The Butterfly surrenders to change and emerges beautiful and free. 

When an addict surrenders to a program and is reborn, 

a “BUTTERFLY” emerges and Butterflies are free. 


The Butterfly is the Symbol embraced by Washington Street Hope Center….


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