Offering Residential and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Options

Before you get treatment from Washington Street Hope Center, it’s important to know what to bring to treatment, which includes the following:

• Hygiene items

• 7 Days of comfortable clothes

• Cigarettes

• Tennis Shoes

• Pillow and blanket (optional)

• Towels and washcloths

• Flip flops (shower shoes)

• Laundry detergent

• Quarters for laundry

• 1 nice outfit for special events

• 30-day supply of medications

• Blow dryer and hair straightener (can be used only on day of unity)

• Insurance card and ID if available



What Not To Bring:

• Make-up

• Electronics

• Phones

• Aftershave

• Mouthwash that contains alcohol

• Perfume or Body Spray

• Expensive items such as jewelry or sentimental things.

• Electronic Cigarettes (Vape Pens, etc.) Dress Code:

• Clothing that fits appropriately

• No saggy pants

• No tight shirts or shorts

• Short and skirts must be knee length

• No clothing that advertises drugs, alcohol or violence

If You Are Caught with a Phone You Will be Discharged!